5 Overnight Beauty Hacks For a Prettier You


Having glowing skin, silky hair, and soft, pink lips is undoubtedly something every woman wants. It’s what you would like to have, right? However, your busy schedule may prevent you from giving your body, hair and skin the attention they deserve.

You may think beauty regimens that take hours are only for people with lots of time on their hands. But, this could not be further from the truth. The good news is that you can utilize your 8 hours of sleep to sneak in beauty treatments that will give you your desired results.

Sound impossible?

Read on to find a few sleep beauty hacks you can start today for a more beautiful you.

Invest in a Bamboo Pillow

On average, a person who lives to old age spends a third of their life asleep. For this reason, you need to get a pillow that is not only comfortable, but also organic. Non-organic pillows, such as linen, cotton, or flannel pillows, create friction with your body and hair.

This friction leads to hair breakage and causes skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. A smooth and silky bamboo pillow preserves your hair. The fine fibers of the pillow helps keep your skin moisturized so that you can wake up to glowing skin.

Overnight Lip Care

Dry, chapped and cracked lips are unsightly. Flaking and peeling of the lips may be a result of dehydration, fungal infection, sunburn, or exposure to chemicals in skin care products and soaps. The good news is, your lips do not have to remain in the same unattractive condition.

To make your lips smoother, you should start by exfoliating them using a toothbrush before bed. After exfoliating, apply honey or a hydrating balm on your lips. Also, do not use lipstick or toothpaste that contain harsh chemicals. If your room is too dry, invest in a humidifier. These practices guarantee yousoft, pink lips every morning.

Try a Nourishing Face Mask

Ever wonder how you can brighten your skin overnight? Well, the secret is an overnight face mask. During the day, your skin collects all sorts of dirt. This dirt clogs the pores on your skin. Before bed, you should exfoliate and cleanse your skin from makeup and dirt.

After this, apply argan oil or avocado oil on your skin. You can also invest in an overnight face mask that smooths the skin. These sleep beauty hacks will refresh and smooth your skin, making it as soft as a baby’s skin.

Sleep Beauty Hacks for Feet

When it comes to body care, feet are almost always left out. Most people just cover up their feet and forget about them. But, then the summer months come and the first time you wear flip-flops, you notice that your feet are dry and cracked.

The sight of calluses on your feet may be alarming, but do not worry. It’s normal and there are sleep beauty hacks to smoothen your feet fast.

You can apply vegetable oil. This oil penetrates your skin and softens the skin cells overnight. It is recommended to use a wet towel, preferably warm, to apply the vegetable oil. Massage the vegetable oil on the bottom of the feet and put on socks to retain the moisture and warmth.

You can also try petroleum jelly.This is one of the oldest foot care treatments. Petroleum jelly doesn’t penetrate the skin; instead, it helps in loosening the dead skin. This makes it easier for you to remove the dead skin with a pumice rock.

Smoothing socks are another option. After applying any of the above treatments or using a deep moisturizer, you should lock the moisture in with hydrating socks. These socks are made of fibers that are infused with moisturizers.

Overnight Hand Care

Your hands bear the brunt of your daily activities. They touch dirt, grip rough objects, and greet people. This constant friction leads to calluses or hardening of the skin. To soften your hands, you should exfoliate them using a water and baking soda mixture or an olive oil and sugar mixture.

After exfoliating, apply a moisturizer and put on gloves or mittens. This will leave you with younger and smoother hands in the morning. For softer nails, apply coconut oil on the cuticles.

For glowing skin, smooth feet, or soft lips,, you do not need to spend hours on end on beauty regimens. The above five sleep beauty hacks will help brighten your skin, soften your feet, and strengthen your nails literally overnight.

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