Do you want to know how you can take good care of your nails without visiting a salon to sort out your nails? Well, I gathered 8 tips you can do daily to keep your hands and nails looking healthy right at the comfort of your home. Of course, should you need a Salon, I suggest shopping around for the best nail salon near you.

1. Always keep your fingernails clean

Of Course, you keep your hands clean, but do you clean your nails, especially underneath your nails? Let’s say you were doing some gardening work outside and you don’t have gloves on, and you get dirt underneath and the sidewalls of your nails, and you just wash your hands with soap, and that’s it. WRONG!! Get a toothbrush, and soap, and scrub your fingernails. Not only you get the dirt out, but you’re exfoliating all the dead skin off.

2. Wear Protective gloves

Avoid your hands touching anything chemical, like washing soap and blench. I know we need to use these products daily, so I recommend wearing protective gloves. Continually being exposed to chemicals will harm your skin, dry it out especially around your cuticle area, and it may not happen right away, you may catch allergic reaction over time. So, be very careful and take good care of your nails and skin. If you have acrylic extension or gel polish on, this step is not to be ignored.

3. Look after your cuticles

This is something that people always forget todo, I know it’s a bit of a task to remember to apply cuticle oil twice a day, and it may not seem so important, but it is, we are exposed to so much pollution, dirt and what knows what else, this all dries out our skin. If you have acrylics or gel extensions on, do not skip this step. So here’s a little tip, swap your moisturiser into raw coconut oil, because coconut oil isn’t only for cooking, but it can be used as a moisturiser plus its all natural ingredients. So after you take a shower in the morning or night, instead of grabbing your lotion, apply coconut oil all over your body, feet, toenails, hands and fingernails. This way your hands and nails will always look smooth, soft and healthy.

4. Do not pull off your hangnails!

Hangnails are a common thing to have, and they are super annoying. And instead of getting a pair of nail scissors, we tend to pull it off, leaving our skin all red and painful, Ouch! To prevent this just get a pair of scissors and cut it off, but if you want to avoid getting hangnails, tip 3 is the best option.

5. Apply a protective layer

What I mean by a protective layer is if you, not a fan of painting your nails, get yourself a strengthener polish at your nearest drug store. My favourite is OPI Nail Navy Strengthener. This helps your nails feel stronger and prevent it from easily splitting.

6. Don’t forget your base coat

Do you maybe have yellow stains on the surface of your toenails? Do you paint your toenails often? Well, that’s because you forgot to apply a base coat. The purpose of using a base coat before the colour is to protect your nails from staining.

7. Cut your toenails straight.

It’s a bit of a challenge to reach down and cut your toenails, but it’s something you need to do, and it’s crucial you do it correctly. You need to cut your toenails straight and file the sharp edges in a round shape, because if you keep cutting it into different ways, esp. your big toe, you will start to develop ingrown nails.

8. Take Vitamins supplements

We don’t always eat foods that contain all the vitamins and minerals daily, so we need to take supplements every day to store the nutrients and minerals we are lacking, and the older we get, the process of our body is slower, slowly to repair itself and to produce new cells.

Hope you consider these tips in your daily life, it’s so important to take care of yourself, even if it’s just your nails, and keep in mind, don’t use your nails as tools but treat them like jewels.

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