Master Your Manicure

Hands are the most over worked and underpaid part of our body. Although we work them so much, we often don’t give it enough care only because it is very hard for them to find time to hit the salon or they find it too expensive. There’s another way to answer your troubles! Just DIY it! Here’s how:

  1. Wash and Clean: the first step is to wash your hands with a good quality paraben free hand wash. Once your hands are nice and clean, pat them dry. Remember not to rub your hands and just pat them.
  2. Remove existing nail polish: if your hands already have some nail polish, just remove it. Take it off with a good quality nail polish remover otherwise it will turn your nails yellow.
  3. Cut, File, Buff: after this, cut your nails to the desired shape. Once you have cut your nails properly it is time to file them to smooth the edges. After filing buff the nails to bring out the natural oils of the nails. Buffing is a very important step in nail care and strengthens them.
  4. Base coat: It is now time to apply a clear base coat to your nails. This coat will prime your nails for any other nail paint and even protect it from damage. If you don’t want any nail color, you can simply stop at this stage.
  5. Color it up: Now you can put the nail paint of your choice. First apply the first coat and wait till it dries and then apply another coat. Some people do not put 2 coats, but if you want your nail polish to maintain its luster and not chip away, applying a minimum of 2 coats is a must.
  6. Apply top coat: After your nail paint has completely dried, you can now apply the top coat. This coat is a protective barrier for anything on your nails. It will also provide enough strength to your nails so that it doesn’t break easily.
  7. Limbo: This is the period when you wait for your nail paint to dry completely. Remember patience pays off. If you touch your nails before they are completely dry, you will ruin the nails and all your efforts will go down the drain.
  8. Moisturize: Use a nice hand cream and apply it all over your hands. Remember to massage the cream all the way till your elbows. Ensure that you rub the cream into your hands. This might take some time.
  9. Warm towel: Wrap your hands with a damp towel that is warm and soft. Stay like that for at least 15 minutes.
  10. Dry done: the last step is to gently wipe your hands with a dry towel.

This should make your hands absolutely beautiful and soft to touch. However, if you find that this too is a painful chore, you can simply hire a beautician to come home and render these services to you through a Beautician On Demand application. There are quite a few apps available in the market that one can use.

Take it up as a business

The commercial viability of such apps has become quite a lot these days. This means that if you are keen on starting a business, you can too invest in the business of on demand beauticians by buying an Uber for Beautician app. This is a business that doesn’t require any effort from you. This app requires only a one time investment after which it runs by itself seamlessly. In case you want more details, take a look at the internet and you will find many solutions. Remember to take a demo for the app before you end up investing in one of these apps. You must understand how it works and whether it is appropriate for you or not before you actually consider going into it full bore.

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