What Are the Different Types Of Razors And How Are They Used

Razors, the terms refer to shaving razors that we use in our everyday life to mainly remove facial hair. This simple tool has come a long way from its discovery to modern day usage. The process of shaving goes way back to 100,000 years and most probably originated in Africa. This is when cavemen started to remove facial hair with crude tweezers. These crude tweezers made of notched seashells or stones were used to pluck off facial hair.


Historians till date haven’t come up with a specific reason as to why people wanted to remove their facial hair. Some state, that the technological advancement of the stone-age led to the development of the activity. While others report that people wanted to remove the lice problem and hence, came up with this solution.


Whatever may the exact reason be, it was during 30,000 BC when people created flint blades. The evolution was the result of people growing tired of plucking their facial hair. People no longer wanted to pluck off each hair one-by-one and wanted a better option. The advantage with flint razors is that they were sharpenable which improved the way people shaved.


Soon after flint was introduced, people went on to develop the process of shaving. Some people started shaving with sharpened seashells. Around 3000 BC metalwork came into being and this revolutionized the whole shaving process. This is when copper-alloy made razors became a common shaving tool in the lands of ancient Egypt and India.


Great conqueror Alexander in the battle of Issus, ordered his soldiers from the Greek and Macedonian troops to shave their beards. This trend stayed on and people from his empire started to shave their beards. The people started to imitate King Alexander’s soldiers and adopted the act of shaving. Peter The Great, the 17th century Russian Tsar was also took shaving quite seriously. He was of the belief that beards were an obsolete fashion statement and taxed anyone who kept it.


It was during the 17th century that the first straight razor came into appearance in Sheffield, England. During the mid-eighteenth century, high-quality razor blades came into the shaving scene and were widely available. This evolution process paved way for upcoming innovations that developed the way people shave greatly. Go through the below infographic to know more about different types of razors.


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