Top 5 Beauty Hacks

Nowadays over the internet, a plethora of beauty hacks can be easily found, but  women are always facing this dilemma of whether a particular beauty hack is beneficial for them, whether it is just a hoax or worse; whether it is disastrous for their skin or not. Today I bring you a small list of beauty hacks that have passed the test of time and women around the world use these hacks to increase their natural beauty. Note that most of these hacks will be mainly natural methods and might take some time to show results.

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1.Vaseline – stock it up! 

This simplest moisturising thing (I don’t even know what category of cosmetics it falls in) is a miracle stored in a jar! Cracked lip? Apply Vaseline. Cracked heels? Try Vaseline. It has the solution to most, if not all of your skin problems. But I’ll tell you a secret tip today if you have old mascara you’re going to toss away, retain its wand. Or buy a new mascara wand from a cosmetics store (they’re dirt cheap if you don’t buy a branded one, it is going to be dipped in Vaseline anyway), dip it in the Vaseline and get working on them brows. You’ll love the effect, I guarantee.

2. White Eyeliner

White Liner is more of a life savouir than you thought it was; I would give you two significant tips regarding a simple white eye pencil that you might’ve picked randomly from the cosmetic store. Or if you’re not into makeup much, this is something that probably isn’t in your vanity box yet. Either way, you can use a white eye pencil in the inner corners of the eye to make it pop a little bit. Since white reflects the light, it creates the illusion of wider, more awake eyes. The other use is that you can draw a line outside your brow with a white pencil, as wide as you want your brow to be and then pluck the rest of the hair to shape your brows. Isn’t it handy?

3. Fix The Tights

Okay, I have to admit the title appears slightly odd but, whatever; this is a real first world problem, ladies! If at any given time during the day you start to notice a hole in your tights or stockings that are just appearing, you can combat it with the simplest tool found in your vanity box! Get clear nail polish and apply it around all the edges that appear as if they’re about to encounter a tear. Then just hope and pray that you get through the dayY’all, did you know that time is money?


4. Better Mascara

Save your time by buying mascara that has curling properties. This kind of mascara keeps your lashes appear curled and long. You can try a volumizing formula as well; it instantly plumps the lashes. The plus point is that you do not need to keep carrying a curler around with you.

5. Apply Perfume Tactfully

This is a crucial tip; you need to learn where to apply makeup to smell good for the entire day and that too, in the most attractive way possible. Spritz some perfume behind the ears, some in your hairbrush before running it through your hair. You can spray some on the inside of your elbows because the skin there is delicate and it quickly catches up on the scent, retaining it for a longer time. Spraying some of it down your back and under the knees is good as well.

These simple hacks will change your beauty game forever, just give them a shot!

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Sania is a student of accounts and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and travelling is eternal. She ritually posts at The Smart Women Blog.


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