Looking your best takes a lot of effort

In many cases, this takes a lot of supplies as well. Specifically, if you own a lot of makeup, you know that finding ample storage space for all of your supplies and materials is quite difficult. When it comes to storing your makeup supplies, it makes no difference whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment in Houston, Texas or a 3-bedroom luxury flat in SoHo – either way, you’ll still need to find a way to create space for these items.

Here are four great tips on creating more storage space for your makeup supplies.

Take stock of your current belongings and space

When you’ve recently downsized to a smaller place, you know how important it is to become more aware of all the junk you have, so that you can keep the stuff you actually use every day, like your makeup supplies.

Take a look at your place and figure out what you actually use. Do you have a ton of junk laying around that takes up unnecessary space? Are you still holding on to old t-shirts from your early childhood days? You’ll surely find in the process of creating new storage solutions for your makeup, you may not need all the stuff you had in storage already. Take inventory and donate some of your old stuff and you’ll have much more storage space available immediately.

Different items need different space

Your makeup essentials might include:

• Concealer
• Foundation
• Blush
• Powder
• Mascara
• Eye shadow
• Hair dryers
• Brushes
• Tweezers
• Mirrors
• And more

Clearly, these items don’t all need a huge amount of space and some need more space than others. Don’t try to put them all in the same exact spot, when you might be able to create little pockets of storage space in different areas of your room. You can use a shoe organizer to store all of your smaller beauty products and you can simply hang this on the back side of your bedroom door. This takes up almost no space!

While you’re at it, think about using plant pots and decorative rocks to spruce up your brush holder situation. This can be a quick fix for storage and you’ll be using products that are very inexpensive. And in most cases, you might already have them at home.

Utilise your bed

We all have huge beds in our bedrooms. It’s the cornerstone piece in that room and usually a lot of storage space gets taken up because of how large our beds are. But listen, you don’t need to buy a pull-out bed or a bed that hides in one of your walls, just simply purchase a bed with built in storage, like a platform bed.

You’ll be able to put bins of brushes and hair dryers into the sides of your bed – immediately creating more space!

Invest in shelving

Shelving is awesome. And it might be your best bet in a small apartment or flat. This is also something that can be installed quickly and for not much money. Remember, try to get your shelving up as high as possible to make room for as much as you can put in your room.

There are a ton of awesome objects, like this shelving unit, that will essentially turn your whole entire wall into a storage area for makeup supplies, shoe boxes, haircare materials and more.

You can also store your towels and other bathroom supplies in bins in this storage unit and you’ll free up even more space in your bathroom for other makeup supplies.

Overall, whether you’re a renter or an owner, you’ll also need more storage space for beauty products and makeup supplies; or at least someone in your home will. So, get started today and invest in storage space to make getting ready at home more convenient and enjoyable!

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