Hair is a wonderful thing on the head but elsewhere it is a nuisance.

Often people have to pluck, wax or shave their way to smooth skin but all these methods are temporary and need to be repeated, but how about getting that unwanted hair zapped for once and all. Yes, it is possible with IPL hair removal procedure.

IPL hair removal has been in the beauty and aesthetic industry for a decade now, providing effective, painless and a permanent solution to all your hair woes whether on the arms, legs, back, bikini, armpits, face or chin. Hair removal with IPL machine from Universal Medical Aesthetics offers a non-invasive procedure leaving your skin silky smooth, but there are limitations as well. However, the beauty equipment manufacturers continuously research and bring forth new IPL technology that is capable of zapping blonde, grey, white and red hair as well as safe for use on dark and tanned skin.

Before moving any further first let us get to know how IPL machine really works.

Hair removal with IPL machine offers a non-invasive and painless procedure with no downtime. The patient can return back to their work after the treatment, so it is sometimes also referred as lunch hour treatment. The non-coherent light emitted by the handheld device is targeted on to the treatment area and gets absorbed by the hair follicle and converts into heat, thus destroying the hair. The reason we have to keep shaving and waxing is that we are only reaching the surface with these methods. IPL hair removal machine will eventually stop hair growth all together but only after few treatment sessions.


Benefits of IPL hair removal

IPL hair removal can benefit both men and women and the procedure is performed with an extremely safe and effective machine. Here are the benefits offered.

It is extremely safe – IPL hair removal machine sends out short, intense bursts of broad-spectrum light which gets scattered across the treatment area. This scattered light does not burn or damage the skin but just targets the melanin in hair.

It is incredibly effective – IPL hair removal procedure can permanently reduce or eliminate hair growth. The light emitted by the IPL machine penetrates deep into the skin targeting the melanin. Once the light reaches the hair root, it heats it up and destroys the follicle.

Saves time – with busy, hectic and demanding lifestyle, it can be hard to find the time to shave or wax. So, book an appointment with the salon for IPL treatment and get long-lasting results as well as save your time. The procedure takes just 30 minutes to complete and can be fitted with your lunch break and since there is no downtime you can return back to work right away.

The benefits and effectiveness of the treatment have helped IPL hair removal machine for sale in Australia take off in a big way.



IPL hair removal offers a comfortable procedure as compared to other treatment methods, however, if you have tattoos then this treatment procedure can cause severe side effects. It is important to learn the risks of doing the IPL treatments on skin covered with tattoos. It is safe that you should first get your tattoo removed with tattoo removal products and then get your hair removed with IPL machine or else use the traditional hair removal methods.

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